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Day trips from il Mulino Torrigiani.

Listed here are many of the more popular Day Trips achievable from il Mulino. Each of these Day Trips can be self-guided, or we can

provide driving service for you and your group, arrange reservations at our favourite restaurants, take care of booking all museums and entrance fees and provide you and your group with your own personal English / Italian speaking Guide to accompany for the day.

If you and your group would like to explore other options not listed here, just ask us and we'll be happy to share

our local knowledge with you.

day trips
lucca & florence

description: Lucca is one of Europe's few remaining walled cities with it's early roots dating back to Rome. Lucca is built in the plains and as such, easily walkable for all ages. Safe, charming, and many shops & restaurants, but don't leave until you've walked the tree-lined boulevard on top of the city walls.

distance from il Mulino: 25 min


description: Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is one of Italy's most important cities and there are a wide variety of museums & churches. Visit the open-air leather market, and high fashion from Italian designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, and Gucci.

distance from il Mulino: 1 h 20 min

pisa & 5t
pisa & viareggio

description: Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa as well as the Cathedral and Baptistry which live literally, and figuratively in the shadow of The Tower and just recently celebrated their 900th anniversary. Next drive to the coastal town of Viareggio for sun, waves and appetisers at a seaside cafe for the sunset.

total drive time: 2 h 30mins.

cinque terre

description: Drive to the five coastal villages of the Cinque Terre and take the ferry boat between towns with breathtaking vistas of the landscape. Hike, swim, shop and dine on fresh seafood dishes served with locally produced white wine. You may even try the local limoncello. Salute!

distance from il Mulino: 1 h 42mins.

siena & chianti
siena & san gimignano

description: Stroll through the winding medieval streets to the large central square called “il Campo” where twice each summer they have a horse race called “The Palio”. Tour Siena's one-of-a-kind Cathedral. Next drive to San Gimignano, famous for its ancient towers, for sightseeing, shopping and gelato.

total drive time: 4 h 45mins.

vineyard tour in chianti

description: Professionally guided tour of one of Chianti's oldest vineyards with a written history dating back to 1150. Tour the grounds and hear about the Castle's past and it's unique tie to one of Americas first European explores. After passing through the 1,000 year old cantina it's off to a 5-course lunch and wine tasting.

distance from il Mulino: 1h 30mins.

rome & venice

description: This can be done in one long day, but there is a lot to see and you won't be able to see it all. Choose from ancient Rome featuring the Roman Forum & the Colosseum, The Vatican and renaissance Rome, or City Tours to view modern Rome which hit many of the popular hot spots.

transportation: high-speed train.


description: Like day-tripping to Rome, Venice can also be done in one long day. The fast train will take you right to the island of Venice. Take a water taxi down the Grand Canal to Saint Mark's Square. Shop & sightsee, take a gondola ride through the picturesque canals, and dine on the local quinine.

transportation: high-speed train.

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